The place of online dating platform services in the metaverse

In 1959, a couple of Stanford University students first implemented a prototype of online dating. Using an IBM 650 computer, they processed the questionnaires of men and women and formed 49 pairs. Since then, the online dating industry has evolved significantly, and its profits have reached unheard-of heights. Today, sites for users looking for a soulmate use sophisticated algorithms to select the perfect partner from millions of potential candidates. Check why is the best option for online dating right now!

Is it a difficult task to find love online?

For many, dating apps have become a lifeline that keeps their personal lives afloat. However, finding true love online can be difficult. Very often, algorithms pair us with those who do not respond to messages, disappear for several days, or answer any questions in monosyllables. Because of this, all attempts seem like a waste of time, and we feel only disappointment and fatigue. So, in this sense, the Internet can be viewed in very different ways. On the one hand, there is great progress and complete freedom of communication from the second – psychological – stone age, where we have to return to rock inscriptions.

Positive dating online experience with is promoting its new experience in part by saying that virtual dating is better than in-person dating: Virtual reality dating with avatars allows people to connect without any materialistic factors.

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